ARC’s Annual 4th of July event was a huge success!!

Thanks to everyone who came out, brought food, ate food and had a great time visiting together.  Although the attendance count was not accurate, nearly 100 members and guests showed up to enjoy the super-good burgers and brats furnished by ARC plus all the sides and deserts brought by ARC members.

Special thanks to Jim, Gary and Craig who grilled up the burgers and brats to perfection.  They had many helpers outside in the heat for encouragement.  Special thanks to Tom & Suzanne who made the Costco run for the food and supplies and to Connie, Gloria and Elaine who set up the food line and helped serve.  Thanks, also, to Rick Cheney for the music and to all the many members who set up and tore down the tables and chairs.  By 2:30 you could never tell that we were ever in the building.  Everything was back to normal.

Thanks again to everyone who made it happen!! We all enjoyed this special time together.