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The “ARC Angels” is a sub-group of the club which focuses on philanthropic and neighborly acts. We assist Northwest Valley residents in vehicle related issues, including preliminary diagnosis of vehicle problems and potential reliable places to have repairs completed. We also assist those experiencing life-changing situations with the disposal of vehicle related parts, tools and other items. We offer advice on car values, provide information on the means of listing cars for sale, and provide residents with second opinions on car repairs and costs. We also have helped with other issues of an automotive nature to support the residents of the Northwest Valley. Contacts are: Randy Robinson 206-819-8655 or Dan Kuhl 602-757-2625.

ARC Angels Team

The ARC Angels is comprised of a team that has volunteered to share the many hundreds of years of automotive experience they possess with those in need. Their mission is to consult with and help citizens understand what the facts are on their automotive related questions, to insure they are treated fairly in their dealings with local repair shops and to assist those who wish to purchase an automobile. All consultations are performed by a minimum of two team members. The ARC Angels teammates will assist in helping automobile owners understand:

  • The value of a vehicle that needs to be sold or disposed of, and make the owner aware of some of the various avenues available for the vehicle to be sold or otherwise handled, in an honest and fair manner.
  • Will assist local none automobile knowledgeable residents, with free advice in understanding the problems with their vehicle and then give them information on possible places where they can receive honest/reputable repairs. Making sure they understand they should always get an estimate of all repairs (in writing) before giving the OK to start any repairs or work.
  • Will assist those who wish to purchase an automobile.
  • Will also assist in other ways with questions and/or concerns related to vehicles.

The team acts in a consultant capacity only; they do not perform repairs or purchase vehicles.  They are only a resource citizens may use to find dependable, qualified people who will listen and who will be willing to help.

To enlist ARC Angels support for your automotive issues, contact:
Randy Robinson 206-819-8655 (winter season)
Dan Kuhl 602-757-2625 (summer months)