The second annual Car Games were held on March 15th at the Sun City West Christian Church. There were about 40 drivers who participated in the event. There were 7 different and unique “road blocks” which tested the drivers ability to maneuver in different and unique ways.

Road Block #1 called “Spark My Engine”, was a test of both driver and passenger’s  ability to install and then remove 4 spark plugs from an engine head. The object was to do this in less time than other drivers.

Road Block #2 called “Feed Our Wildlife”, was a test of both participants to toss a bean bag within an area that would allow the stuffed animals to eat the food being tossed to them. If the food reached the pens the animals were in, the points were greater than if the food simply landed within a compound surrounding the animal.

Road Block #3 ” Save Our Wildlife” was a test of the driver’s ability to miss running over any of the animals laying on the road soaking up the sun. There were several who missed every single one of the poor little critters.

Road Block # 4 “Stop on a Dime” took great judgement as to where the center of the back bumper of their car was located. A plumb bob was hung from the back bumper and the driver had to drive forward, stopping when they felt the plumb bob was directly over a bullseye on the asphalt.

Road Block #5 “Ride the Rail” also had several perfect scores. The object of this stop was to place the passengers front tire on a 2X6 board and then drive 24 feet without dropping off the board. The trick was that the boards were not straight and it took guidance from the passenger to  remain on the rail.

Road Block #6 “Wet T-shirt” was testing the skills of both people in the car to remove a t-shirt from a bucket of water and then toss them  into a bucket several feet away.

Road Block #7 was “Waitress” where the passenger was given a serving tray and then a glass filled with water was placed on the tray. The driver then had to navigate over several pieces of lumber without causing the glass to fall from the tray. This proved to be one of the tougher stops.

Everyone at the event expressed what a great way to spend a morning. Lunch, catered by the church, was enjoyed by everyone. There were several “drivers by” who stopped to see what was going on and stayed to watch the competition.

The Social Committee would like to thank all those who helped with setting up, running the event, and cleaning up afterwards. We couldn’t have done this without you!


David Enley

Don Labossiers

Joe and Colleen Davies

Gene Wojtyna

Bob and Gladys Dale

Ed and Ellen Zacho

David Courtney and his passenger Michael from the Church