Article by Patty Clark
Pictures by Steve Victor
Photoshop by Lee Partridge

December 1, 2018 was a wonderful day for the 7th Annual John S. Chaney Rock Around the Block Pac Man event, and the Grand Opening of the Lauren Matley Paint and Body Shop!  Forty cars drove around SCW trying to avoid Pac Man and fellow competitors to get to the John S. Chaney Automotive/Restoration Center to pick a poker card.  Each time they met another competitor or a Pac Man, they had to make the next right turn.  Everyone seemed to have frustrating fun!  Just as they thought they were clear to get to ARC, they would have to make a right turn.  The eventual winners were Wayne and Linda Halladay with a Jack high straight flush for high hand, and Dean and Elaine Lewellen with a 9 high nothing for low hand.  After the competition, a well deserved lunch from Culver’s was enjoyed by all.  Thank you to all who participated and to all of our sponsors. 

The Grand Opening of the Lauren Matley Paint and Body Shop took place at 2:30.  Lauren and Marion Matley were on hand to cut the ribbon.  Lauren is a world renowned painter and was instrumental in getting the Paint and Body shop built.  Lauren commented, “Now we have a complete restoration center.”  A permanent plaque, honoring Lauren, will be displayed by the entrance to the paint center.  Several members of the Jones/Chaney family along with Don and Anna Scheidt were on hand for the festivities.  They have all been major contributors to ARC.  Cake and ice cream completed the day!